Kind words from our amazing clients.

Sara Anna is the ideal personal assistant - for whatever the need or occasion. The usual accolades of trustworthy, capable, reliable, etc., do not begin to assess her multitude of skill sets. She is a computer whiz, a delightful companion, an extremely competent administrative assistant, a charming hostess and a self starter at any task. Growing up in a high end restaurant family, she learned an excellent set of invaluable social skills at an early age. She is comfortable in any setting - whether she is representing a client on a corporate level or providing superb wait staff service. She is comfortable & confident, but never intrusive. I highly recommend Sara Anna as a means of soothing your everyday tasks.

~ F. Diane Pickett
Author, "Never Isn't Long Enough"

It is my pleasure to recommend Sara Anna as a superb personal assistant. She is diligent, very hard working and creative. She takes direction well, but can work productively without supervision. Sara Anna has a diverse set of skills which allows her to produce at a very inexpensive rate. There are very few tasks that Sara Anna cannot accomplish.

~ Steve Cushman
President, Steve Cushman Creative Solutions
President Santa Barbara Region Chamber of Commerce

After being disappointed by the concierge service at a high-end hotel in the Santa Barbara area, I turned to Google in search of someone that could help me pull off a last minute, creative gift for a client that was traveling to Santa Barbara.

I can't begin to say how lucky I was to find The Santa Barbara Concierge. Sara Anna was exceptional. She responded to my request in a professional and timely manner. She went above and beyond, sending photos and text messages of the personalized gifts I couldn't purchase or deliver to my client considering I was half a country away.

In the middle of my very hectic work day, Sara was able to give me peace of mind that she could handle this concern for me. At the end of the day, I got word from my client who had received the surprise Sara orchestrated on my behalf. Needless to say, it won my company major points with this client! The client was so surprised to walk into her hotel room and find that we were able to pull off this creative and personalized surprise... and I couldn't have done it without Sara's help!

I highly recommend doing business with this company! And I look forward to the time when I get to work with Sara again in the future!

~ Amanda Tweten
Chief Operating Officer at Arrow Senior Living Management

Sara has literally saved my life by getting me medicines and deliveries, oftentimes at last minute, which I am deeply grateful for. She is especially tuned into my personal needs even at a distance, as I live in Chicago. I highly recommend her services to anyone, anywhere who needs personalized assistance and help.

~ Bija Bennett
  Author, Wellness Advocate & Speaker

Sara Anna is very organized, detail-oriented, and was a complete lifesaver to me during our last move in Santa Barbara. I called her last-minute and she made herself available to help me the next day! I recommend her for any concierge business and home needs, as there is nothing she can't do, and if it's new to her, I promise she will figure it out. Sara Anna is incredibly resourceful.

~ Jennifer Kinsella

It seems ludicrous that after 10+ years of acquaintance, one never considers utilizing ones high profile professional sources when having a fleeting display of inept colleagues. Never regard distance as a barrier, when it comes to much needed direction and selecting of the best!
After 3+ very highly regarded attorney responses requiring deep internal fortitude challenging a wealthy state entity along with the top 5 petroleum company, we had nothing other than ourselves. This being said, I shared my 3 months of futility with Sara Anna, having had another failed mission that put me in a very helpless place. Before I could finish my text message of my months of futility and frustration, Sara Anna was already on it!
I was being personally coached and referred to what are the best of the best in California. Sara Anna's personal, along with expert family knowledge of law is impeccable. Why she's not already an attorney... I just do not know.
Moral of the story... Go to the experts first! We are now in the best of hands with a sense of confidence that was stripped away by incompetency. Sara Anna makes it happen.... and usually before you realize/know what happened!
~ Stephen (SD) Davis
Estate Agent at A Palmer Estates Company

Sara has worked for me for over a year in my home staging business. She is professional, honest, and polite to all of my clients and my entire crew. She is a delight to work with, as she anticipates potential problems and comes up with creative solutions. Her positive attitude and high energy keeps me motivated.

As my business continues to grow, I look forward to having Sara there right by my side.

~ Tamara Ruccione
Owner/Design Consultant at Santa Barbara Staging Solutions

Sara has helped me on a number of projects, and always with excellent results. She is a great communicator, not afraid to ask questions and highly personable.

Sara has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I sincerely look forward to working with her again.

~ Byron Payne
Racer, Instructor, Author, "Passion for the Ride"

Sara and I have worked together on several projects, both profit and non profit - she is a pure delight. Not only is she talented and extremely capable ~ she has a very fun sense of humor.


    Top Ten Features:
  1. Very Organized
  2. Always completes the project on time and on budget
  3. Creative
  4. Experienced in multiple industries
  5. Communicates clearly
  6. She has an impeccable eye for detail
  7. She is calm under pressure
  8. She knows how to be firm
  9. She has terrific sources and resources
  10. My personal favorite - she grew up in Des Moines!


~ Dawn Thorpe
CEO at Thorpe Monk Designs

Sara Anna has been assisting me with her administrative and organizational skills. She has been a truly valuable asset to me and my business. Her professionalism and flexibility has made her a true joy to work with. She is able to handle all tasks with ease and grace while holding a high level of confidentiality. Sara Anna is a trustworthy individual and an excellent assistant. I cannot imagine her not continuing to be a part of my success.I recommend her highly.

~ Corinna Gordon
President, Corinna Gordon Jewelry
President, Corinna Gordon Interior Design

While starting my business two years ago, a friend suggested that I contact Sara. Since then she has assisted me in my endeavors. Sara’s dedication and incomparable ability of accomplishing her clients’ needs is commendable. Sara is extremely personable which gives her an aptness to network, a quality beneficial for any business.

Please take my advice, if there is anything you need help with, no matter the occupation, hire Sara!

~ Courtney Ladin
Private Chef, In Home Fine Dining

My daughter lives on the West Coast, and I live on the East Coast. So, when she became engaged and picked a California wedding venue, the idea of planning it from 3,000 miles away was daunting. Thanks to Sara, my daughter and I were able to enjoy the challenge and knew that no detail would fall through the cracks. Sara is organized, friendly, and has the unique ability of being charming and take charge at the same time.

The wedding was a big success for all of us. We couldn't have done it without Sara.

~ Rebecca Ayers

I reached out to Sara to help me with an important trip to Santa Barbara and I can tell you that she did not disappoint! I needed a local expert to make recommendations on all aspects of my trip in an effort to maximize my time and experience. She was knowledgeable, responsive, and has impeccable taste. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

~ Michael Morlan
AVP at Macerich

"Personal Assistant" doesn't really do justice to what Sara does. She is a problem solver. Give her a challenging task, and she will tenaciously work at it until she finds a solution.

I greatly appreciate her professionalism. She has extensive experience working with high profile and high net worth clients, respects privacy and confidentiality.


~ David Machacek
Financial Services Specialist at David Machacek

From my first conversation with Sara in early 2011 about retaining her services for some administrative work, I knew that her approach of "getting it done" would be the value in my search! Sara's approach was so analytically inclined that I knew having her as resource would be the perfect fit. In one major business acquisition for my company, Sara played a key role in finding administrative errors that ultimately saved us a large investment revenue by bringing it to our attention! Sara continues to be a resource and a great consulting source & vault of "food for thought"!

Sara is a true gem for any person or company that continues to shine with any task set forth...!

~ Ferello Croker
Principle Manager, ONYX Construction Group | CHARLESTON

Sara Anna has worked for me to provide continuity for my staffing needs in my office. She is always very professional and diligent in her work, and enthusiastic with every task. Her desire to please is recognized by both my patients and her co-workers. She gets things done!

~ Douglas J. Mackenzie, M.D
Owner, Pacific Plastic Surgery

Sara Anna is a very trustworthy and creative person. She will never promise more than she can keep. Once she commits to helping you find exactly what you are looking for she will go the extra 100 miles in order to get it just right. I highly recommend her services and would hire Sara Anna again if I need the best possible service money can buy.

~ Robert Jacobi
Owner, Main Course California

I recently used Sara to assist my son in moving from Jakarta, Indonesia to Santa Barbara, California for studying at college. From picking him up, finding housing, assisting him in college admission, opening up a bank account, and other things.

Sara is very organized and has a meticulous attention to detail. Always gets the job done the way we want it. And, Sara is someone we can always trust. Great values, gets the job done, highly recommended!

~ Sony Harsono
CEO at InTrade Advisory

I have enjoyed getting to know Sara Anna and watch her in action with my clients and at the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce. People love interacting with her. She is devoted to her clients, finds ways to help them accomplish a variety of goals. She exudes enthusiasm, a sense of urgency and a devotion rarely found in administrative professionals. I recommend her for your projects large or small. She knows how to keep things in perspective and how not to make mountains out of molehills!

~ Patty DeDominic
Coach to High Achievers, Managing partner and Co founder at DeDominic & Associates

Sara has been a great assistance to myself and team operations while we were in China. She represented our organization extremely well with our Sponsors and Season Ticket Holders. She provides keen instinctive skills in communicating and problem solving. I was able to travel out of the Country, knowing that all was safe with our daily corporate needs back home in Santa Barbara and the Southern California region. We will continue to utilize her talents and personal savvy throughout the year.

~ Curt Pickering
President, Santa Barbara Breakers Professional Basketball Team

Sara gets the job done. Bottom line. She has a great attitude and stays with it until whatever needed is complete. Very creative.

~ Michael Cregan
CEO at China International/Butler Luxury

My recent experience in working with Sara has been amazing. She is on top of her game in a multitude of areas. The smallest ideas can explode with possibilities. Sara is fearless in attacking any given projects and her research capabilities are unparalleled. She is a real find for any business, individual, executive or celebrity. She networks easily for herself and can do the same for you. Not only is she a great personal assistant, but will represent you in a very professional manner. I recommend Sara's services to anyone needing to get things done... and done right.

~ Kriz Crane
Makeup & Hair Artist at Krizcrane.com

Sara Anna has been volunteering at Braille Institute, Santa Barbara Regional Center since February 2003. Her gift as a volunteer service has made it possible for many blind and visually impaired individuals to regain their independence and begin again to live fulfilling lives.

~ Barbara Hoffmann
Volunteer Services Manager at Braille Institute of Santa Barbara Regional Center

Sara is an intelligent person with a sense of resourcefulness to accomplish challenging tasks and find good solutions that create win-win outcomes. In addition she has great interpersonal skills and works well as team or can also take on a task individually and manage it to fruition.

~ Silvana R. Kelly
Executive Director at Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara

My wife and I have recently used Sara Anna to coordinate our travel plans... she did a great job at finding the best and reasonable cost of the travel... We had never considered using a personal assistant service to coordinate our personal travels... she did such a good job, was very personable, worked well with everyone in our family, always did what she said she would do and at such a reasonable cost.

So, would we use her again? Without doubt.

~ Larry Scalise
Senior Partner, Coppola, McConville, Coppola, Hockenberg & Scalise Law Firm

Sara is amazing! She has helped me on a few projects that my company was involved with. I could not have asked for a better person for the job. She was a big help by taking a lot of work off my shoulders. I recommend Sara highly, as you will not be disappointed.

~ James Simeone
Owner, Leader Flooring

Hiring Sara was one of the best decisions I've made. As a young business man in Santa Barbara, Sara has not only come through for me on numerous occasions, but exceeded all my expectations. I have hired her to do everything from watch over my home while away on business, to chauffeur me around while having car troubles. Recommending The Santa Barbara Concierge is easy and I will continue to call on Sara for her services. She is punctual, always reachable, focused and well prepared.

Ever said to yourself, "I wish there was just a couple extra hours in the day."?... Call Sara!

~ Kevin Farmer
President & Founder, Integrated EDS

Having known Sara for the last 4 years, I can assure her dedication, confidentiality and thoroughness as a personal assistant. Her attention to detail and common sense approach makes her the perfect choice to take care of all your daily needs.

~ Cyrus Christian
Sr. IT Application Specialist, Citrix Online

I got connected to Sara by chance via LinkedIn, a chance that had a purpose. From our conversations I got to know a person who has a very positive and energetic attitude towards all that she does, her business and her life views. Whatever Sara does, whether it is personal or business related, she does it with her full mind and heart. Sara has a very acute taste for the best, she is quick in her actions, devoted to her aims.

Anyone who gets in contact with Sara will get to know a shining, bright and open-minded person.

~ Dodo Newman
Artist & World #1 Inspirationalist at DodoNewman.com

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